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Pre birthday celebration with homies

sara wasn't feeling well (too much of guud food?) but we still manage to get some groupies hehe

Still lookin cute altho we were not even ready yet. Sara dayum vogue!

I'm so blessed being surrounded w these people I called family. Eventho this is my second time stepping in SUKI-YA to celebrate my birthday within this week but I'm still very excited about it *标准吃货 haha! Thanks guys for all the surprises and presents I'm actually cryin while typing this. Tears of Joy! ;'-)

Settled our dindin @ Komugi. That was my very first coffee art & lets assume dats a doraemon lah :p



Pre birthday celebration with Salmon Baby

Whats more crazy than visiting 3 malls in a day on weekend. Jam, lookin for parking and the crowds. Salute to our patience! *claps 3 times*

So turned out he is the first who buy me bday cake this year. Fankiu for everything nd I know I deserve all of them :-p #loveyou. we both were drowned in good food & lotsa loves nd forgot to take some couple pic for insta (lol). but nvm. at least I bought some hipster masks nd a new boxers for him (like finally!!) ok so lets do mask tonight in his new boxers! cam best jerr :p



Gamma 1 // Project 1 / Self Promotion

Having a love-hate relationship w this project of mine. Love it bc all the props are food which means I can consume them afterwards lulz. But the annoying part is that I have to frickin promote myself in the vid. Basically the content is 90% fake as the requirements need us to promote the good side of ourselves (which i don't have!!) #LowSelfEsteem But lookin on the bright side, this is my first ever stop motion nd it turned out lookin SOU KIUT (!!) I'm definitely gunna be making more things liddis in the future ;-)

Anyway, enjoy & hope you guys like it xx



Just another sleepless night / 4.42am

It's been a while we're not talking to each other. I mean real talk. Both of us was coping with work overload nd he was so busy with his upcoming shows and whatsoever. ohh not forget to mention his sleeptime is so messed up due to his serious insomnia. he usually sleeps during the day, got up during midnight nd I hardly get to see him. finally tonight we decided to give ourselves a short break to actually update each other w our recent lifes (lol)

miss you so much.



Latest addiction- Crystalfilm by Little Dragon

I lost my grip and my vision gone dull
So swing my hip like a dancer gone numb
I saw your shadow, saw the skeleton run
Now something missing from my memory of you

You shake my world from the ground to my head
A distant noise that'll wake me out of bed
I listen as the walls cave in
I'm hanging on 'cause your memory's thin

I lost my grip, I balanced it on a piece of paper
True in one trip, it's weaving in and I wait for later
Who is leaning on, leaning in on my yes to be?
Who is sneaking in, is sneaking in on me, on me?

I've cut a house in half, and turned a frown
Painted walls and letters upside down
I try to hold on, I try to hold on but you gone
Then I try to let go but your memory's still on


So what I've been up to so far during my semester break?
- updated my itunes with loads of loads of good stuffs. the one I posted above is the one I keep replayin now.
- not motivated to leave my home. at all.
- not in mood to plan for any vacation like what others do. sigh I'm boring.
- do a lot of online shopping. it's like a must-do every frickin sem breaks. lol
- miss my boyfie every frickin minutes. lol I'm clingy sometimes.
- observe my hamsters nd try to figure out what they dream about when they're asleep.
- learn to cook. learn to bake. gossip with cousins. send them to school/fetch them back.
- crap talking with grandma. best thing to do so far.



Mother's day dinner

I only cook when my cousin's around bc she's dayum good in cooking! truly #WifeMaterial loll.
thankyou on behalf of my future husband and kids for showing me all yr cooking tips :-*

So on the menu of this Mother's Day we have cheese baked pasta, baked russet potatoes, grilled salmon nd salad for all the mommies in my fambam! *obama notbad.jpg dads eat dapao. loll just kiddin.

with a bottle of ginger beer, cheerios! ;-*




lovely thingy. WANT.



Birthday bash

smoke duck with special sauce 

To the kawaii-ess Q-poh on earth,
stay pretty as u always do nd we love u so much :-*


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