Latest addiction- Crystalfilm by Little Dragon

I lost my grip and my vision gone dull
So swing my hip like a dancer gone numb
I saw your shadow, saw the skeleton run
Now something missing from my memory of you

You shake my world from the ground to my head
A distant noise that'll wake me out of bed
I listen as the walls cave in
I'm hanging on 'cause your memory's thin

I lost my grip, I balanced it on a piece of paper
True in one trip, it's weaving in and I wait for later
Who is leaning on, leaning in on my yes to be?
Who is sneaking in, is sneaking in on me, on me?

I've cut a house in half, and turned a frown
Painted walls and letters upside down
I try to hold on, I try to hold on but you gone
Then I try to let go but your memory's still on


So what I've been up to so far during my semester break?
- updated my itunes with loads of loads of good stuffs. the one I posted above is the one I keep replayin now.
- not motivated to leave my home. at all.
- not in mood to plan for any vacation like what others do. sigh I'm boring.
- do a lot of online shopping. it's like a must-do every frickin sem breaks. lol
- miss my boyfie every frickin minutes. lol I'm clingy sometimes.
- observe my hamsters nd try to figure out what they dream about when they're asleep.
- learn to cook. learn to bake. gossip with cousins. send them to school/fetch them back.
- crap talking with grandma. best thing to do so far.


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